Advantages of Professional-Grade Nutritional Supplements

Simply eating a healthy diet may not provide you with all the nutrients you need to sustain optimum health. Tests sponsored by the USDA indicate clinically significant nutrient deficiency in most Americans, particularly as they age. As a result, several medical bodies, including the American Medical Association, recommended that everyone take a daily multi-vitamin and/or mineral supplement.

That’s a minimum baseline for health. If you have specific conditions that need further attention, then additional supplementation may be needed. The question is, how do you know if you’re taking the right supplements? And how do you measure the potency of what you’re taking?

First, insist on professional-grade products, such as those available through Acupuncture Plus. All products carried by Acupuncture Plus are made from the highest-quality ingredients and pass the most stringent purity testing. Additionally, the supplements adhere to the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia as well as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.

Second, take advantage of professional supplement programming. At Acupuncture Plus, Carol LeCroy can help you maximize your results through a customized supplement program. By applying years of clinical experience, verified medical evidence, and ongoing research, Carol establishes a healing plan that combines the right supplements in the right doses for your specific condition.

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All nutritional supplements sold by Acupuncture Plus are guaranteed to be:

Pure. No cheap fillers, binders, or other additives.
Non-allergenic. No allergenic food additives or colorants.
Refined. No toxins, heavy metals, bacteria, or other contaminants.
Accurate. Correct potency is tested and confirmed before bottling.