In parts of ancient China, you only paid your doctor when you were well. If you got sick, you kept your cash in your pocket. That practice underlined the fundamental theory behind wellness; it is the preservation of health, rather than the treatment of problems after they’ve occurred. Today, while the economic model may have changed, wellness is still about preventing illness. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine accomplish this by maintaining balance within your body’s chemistry and by strengthening the immune system.

At Acupuncture Plus, Carol LeCroy calls on more than 16 years of experience with wellness treatments to customize a specific health plan for each patient. By conducting abdominal, tongue, and pulse diagnoses to determine energy blockages, she applies acupuncture, herbal formulas, and other Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques to restore energy flow, correct hormonal imbalances, and provide an overall body tune-up that encourages better health and better resistance to sickness.

Acupuncture Plus combines age-old Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, proven nutritional supplementation, and sophisticated treatment modalities to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Balance hormone levels
  • Counteract the impact of aging
  • Temper the effects of autoimmune disorders
  • Regulate the hormonal system for better overall functioning
  • Improve energy flow to reduce body discomfort and enhance general health
  • Boost the immune system to maintain wellness and avoid infections
  • Treat sleep disorders and support healthy sleep cycles

Learn more about how modern nutritional supplements and specialized herbal formulas can positively impact wellness at the Acupuncture Plus Online Pharmacy.

I have really appreciated the help that Carol has provided both with back issues and nutritional supplements. And I now get feedback that I look better! I also have a lot more energy for exercise. Thank you, Carol!

-Linda S.

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