Fertility Testimonials

As we have struggled through infertility and are now finally ready for our IVF procedure, Carol has been the stability needed while we rode this roller coaster. When I arrive at Acupuncture Plus, I know, and my body knows, it's my time.

I am able to talk to Carol about where we are in the process, and she understands. She knows exactly what my body needs each step of the way. Her experience with other women facing the same issues is not only helpful but comforting. My time at the office is my reminder to take a breath, relax, and focus on what is truly important. The extra bonus is that, while fertility is the main goal, Carol also always works on my overall health.


I had been trying to conceive for about three months and thought I’d do some preliminary fertility testing, as I was pushing 36 years old. I was devastated to find out that my FSH level measured 14.5. At the same time, I was diagnosed with Stage I hypertension. Overnight, I felt like I had aged 15 years. I immediately set out to find a fertility specialist. A friend told me about Carol.

I really didn’t know anything about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and was not much of a believer in alternative therapies. But, I thought I would cover all my bases. I immediately peppered Carol with all sorts of questions and concerns. I wanted to know exactly why and how TCM worked for fertility issues. I was hoping for some parallels to modern medicine that I could grasp onto. I really couldn’t make sense of it all, but I really liked Carol’s gentle demeanor and approach to my concerns. Carol told me it would take about eight to 10 months to become pregnant. That seemed like an eternity to me, but I decided to go ahead and give TCM a try. What really sold me was that it could be used in concert with the recommendations of the fertility specialist. The treatments were wonderful and relaxing. I started to look forward to my weekly appointments. After three months, I started to notice some changes. I was definitely sleeping better, had better digestion, less painful periods, and the real shocker: My blood pressure had returned to normal. After four months, I was feeling a bit apprehensive because I still wasn’t pregnant. On the recommendation of the fertility specialist, I decided to take the “Clomid Challenge,” the next step in my fertility workup. What awful stuff. The side effects were absolutely horrendous. The fertility specialist informed me that I “failed” my Clomid Challenge and told me that my best recourse was donor eggs. I asked the fertility specialist for the specific numerical results of the test. My starting FSH was 5.5 and it was only after I had taken the Clomid, did my FSH top out at 13.5. I became really frustrated. My hormones seemed to be normalizing as a result of the TCM treatments, but the use of Clomid seemed to throw my body out of whack again. My treatment options became very confusing. On one hand, the fertility specialist was telling me my situation was pretty dire and had given me a treatment plan that included aggressive drug therapies, surgical procedures, a weak success rate, a lot of stress, and little hope. On the other hand, Carol had given me very gentle treatment recommendations, including vitamin supplements, minor dietary changes, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and gentle support. My mindset started to change. TCM felt like a much better treatment option. I decided to put the fertility specialist on hold and fully embrace TCM as my primary treatment option.

After just six months (two to four months shorter than Carol’s prediction), I became pregnant. I am now halfway through my pregnancy with no morning sickness, headaches, or other unpleasant pregnancy symptoms. I attribute my conception and easy pregnancy to Carol’s treatment. Not only was Carol able to assist me with conceiving, but she also was able to do it in a non judgmental and encouraging way. Carol was able to read my feelings about my infertility issues and my early reluctance with TCM. She never pushed me into doing anything I felt uncomfortable with. Carol has been a beacon of hope for me during this trying time (even when friends, family, and I had doubts). I would recommend her to anyone trying to conceive or to anyone who just isn’t feeling as well as they would like to.

-Julia M.