Pain Testimonials

I suffered serious neck damage, including bone spurs and three pinched nerves, as the result of a serious fall. The pain in my back became so severe that I was unable to sleep for more than a few minutes at a time. An orthopedist wanted to do two separate surgeries to correct the problem. I chose instead to use an aggressive combination of acupuncture and herbal remedies combined with chiropractic treatments and massage.

Carol's assistance was key in my initial pain relief and the on-going improvements to my condition. I would have been unable to resume my life without her treatment and would have certainly ended up with a surgically rebuilt neck. I continue to improve through her innovative and incredibly intuitive care. I resumed playing music, hiking, and fly fishing far sooner than I could have if I had chosen the surgical option. My condition continues to improve, and I find it impossible to say enough about the benefits of my acupuncture treatments. I highly recommend Carol to anyone seeking to improve their general health or a specific physical condition.

-Phil B.

When I discovered Carol LeCroy and acupuncture, I discovered the elixir of life! Whatever aches or pains I feel are eliminated by her fine treatment. Carol LeCroy and acupuncture have become a mainstay in my health regimen.

-Barbara C.

After injuring my back and going through lower back surgery to remove a ruptured disc, I was still experiencing pain in my leg. According to the traditional doctor I was seeing I had two choices: I could have more surgery to correct the complication or I could go through a series of steroid injections in my spine and three months of steroids, taken orally. I opted for the non-surgical treatment.

Unfortunately, not only did the pain persist, but I also began having complications from the steroids. I was besieged with rashes and I started losing my hair. For a woman who had just celebrated her fiftieth birthday, this was traumatic and more than I was willing to deal with. Since I refused to resort to the other choice of surgery, I turned to Carol and alternative medicine. I quickly learned from her that I was damaging my body with the steroids rather than healing it. She was quick to diagnose steroid abuse and worked with me to detoxify my system. The herbal tea she composed specifically for the hair loss not only stopped it, but my hair quickly re-grew and now is actually thicker than before. Along with the acupuncture she administered, I also began taking, as she prescribed, a series of supplements and herbal formulas to combat the pain I was experiencing. I now communicate with Carol on a regular basis either by phone or email and continue to be amazed and rewarded by her gift of insight, her knowledge of non-traditional medicine, and her quick response when I am in need.

-Gwen D.

I began going to Carol LeCroy in the spring of 1999 for back pain so severe it was difficult to press the brake pedal in my car. After two acupuncture treatments, I was completely relieved from the pain. Subsequently, I saw her for asthma and allergy treatments, which were also largely successful.

During my visits, I became more and more impressed with her ability to problem solve, the depth of her knowledge of holistic medicine, and the dedication and perseverance that she has in helping her patients. Carol LeCroy has a rare balance of analytical skills and compassion and empathy. In addition, she is constantly updating her knowledge through journals, workshops, and classes. She is both a student and teacher of holistic medicine and has dedicated her life to finding solutions to health problems that seem to elude Western medicine. We, as her patients, are fortunate indeed to have such a resource and healer as our advocate.

-Don B.

I went to Carol LeCroy in September of 1998, after three months of agonizing pain from a slipped disc in my neck, and three months of difficult dealings with my HMO doctors. My massage therapist recommended Carol, based on positive experiences of both students and teachers at the School of Alternative Medicine in Denver. In spite of my multiple maladies, idiosyncratic habits, and general stubbornness, Carol managed to take me from unbearable pain to a life of bearable health.

She has always been sensitive to my needs as a vegetarian, my crazy digestive system, and my general fears about “taking pills.” I also struggled with really painful ulcers in my mouth, but with acupuncture treatments, dietary supplements, and homeopathic therapy, I can actually control these episodes. After years of consistent care, I consider Carol a healer, a true physician, and a friend. I have recommended her expertise to many others, and they have experienced it and concurred! I know when I go to Carol, I will feel better and feel that she cares. That means tons in this world of anonymity.

-Gracie B.

As someone who worked in the medical field for 27 years, I have learned that Western Medicine does not always have the answers to health challenges. I had suffered for years with migraine headaches and was frustrated with Western Medicine’s Band-Aid approach of offering pain pills but not getting to the root of the problem. It was through my quest to find some alternative relief that I discovered Carol LeCroy.

With her very skillful direction, I discovered that by using acupuncture and herbs, I could not only stop those dreadful headaches but do it with natural herbal products. What a relief to stop using the strong chemical pain pills that had always rendered me non-functional for at least a day. Since that worked so well, Carol and I have worked on many other health issues through the years. I find that Carol is extremely knowledgeable and conscientious in the practice of both acupuncture and herbal medicine. When a health problem occurs, she is usually the health care provider I turn to for a more natural approach. The Chinese have been using these techniques for thousands of years with great success and I truly believe it has a place in our total health care picture.

-Karen S.

My back had been in poor condition for approximately 13 years following a work-related injury. Then, I was involved in not one but two rear-end collisions, approximately one year apart, which contributed to an already painful back and neck condition.

Throughout the 13 years since initially injuring my back, I have received chiropractic treatments on a regular basis. As a result of my injuries, I developed two lumps of some type of scar tissue on either side of my lower back. The lumps were painful to touch. Ultrasonic and chiropractic treatments over the years failed to do anything about them. After one biopuncture treatment, the smaller lump completely disappeared, and the larger lump was reduced considerably. After the second treatment the other lump also disappeared. My pain was significantly reduced and my mobility was increased both at the neck and lower back locations. Since receiving biopuncture treatments from Carol, my back and neck have been relatively pain free and I have had expanded movement. As an avid golfer the importance of this cannot be overemphasized! I recommend bio-puncture, acupuncture and herbal supplements to anyone suffering from similar conditions.

-Phil B.