Women’s Health Testimonials

Carol takes the time to get to know you as a person not just a "patient." I love how she explains everything going on in your body and how it is connected. When I first began acupuncture, I was extremely nervous. Now I look forward to going because I know I will leave feeling better than when I went in.

-Jaimee M.

I have been seeing Carol for the past year and a half. Before each session we discuss the progress of past symptoms as well as any new symptoms that may have occurred. Through these discussions I have gained a better understanding of Eastern Medicine and its approach to healing the body. Carol is not only very knowledgeable but very personable to talk to. She is truly a dedicated and caring healer.

-Mui L.

I cannot believe how quickly I felt better after just few acupuncture sessions with Carol, and after adding a few supplements and herbs to my diet. Carol’s warmth, calmness, and thorough questioning helped me to understand my health and the workings of my body better. During the session I experienced a great calm and peacefulness that extended throughout the day. It was the kickoff to great things to come.

-Nicole S.